Zylorion Announces New U.S. Patent Filing For Novel Second-Generation Psilocybin-Based Compound

Zylorion Announces New U.S. Patent Filing For Novel Second-Generation Psilocybin-Based Compound

Zylorion announced today the filing of the Company’s third provisional patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”).

The provisional patent application covers Zylorion’s unique psilocybin-based drug, ZYL-314, for the treatment of mental health disorders and other central nervous system diseases and cognitive disorders.

The Zylorion team has been working tirelessly with research partners on the development of novel second generation and industry leading compounds and the team is extremely excited about the latest discovery according to CEO Dr. Peter Silverstone.

Zylorion believes that ZYL-314 is truly unique and achieving the latest milestone further demonstrates the company’s commitment to bringing innovative new therapies to market and creating long-term shareholder value through a strong portfolio of intellectual property assets.

About PsiloTec Health Solutions Inc. / Zylorion

PsiloTec Health Solutions Inc. which operates as Zylorion is a precision mental health care and psychedelic therapy focused innovator. The biotech firm is currently focusing on the development and delivery of integrated precision mental health treatments to address psychological and neurological mental illnesses.

The firm is dedicated to the study, development, and marketing of psychedelic-based medicines combined with novel therapeutic treatment systems for a range of mental illnesses.

MDD (major depressive disorder), TRD (treatment resistant depression), PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), general depression, anxiety, and a variety of addictions are just a few of the illnesses treated.

Zylorion wants to use the best technologies to help its integrated treatment programs scale and become more accessible in order to enable those who are suffering from mental health issues to live well.

The Company continues to gather the required data and evidence in order to back up its composition of matter preliminary patent claims and intends to submit an application under the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) within the next year.

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