Choose Ketamine Complete Seed Capital Raise to Expand Technology Platform

Choose Ketamine Complete Capital Raise to Expand Technology Platform

In a major milestone for mental health care, Austin-based Choose Your Horizon Inc., also known as Choose Ketamine, has announced the completion of its seed financing round. Led by Manifestations Capital in collaboration with Notley Ventures and numerous industry veterans and thought leaders, this will enable the company to expand its ketamine therapy platform across the US.

Choose Ketamine was founded in 2021 with the intention of providing affordable and accessible treatments to those suffering from depression, anxiety and PTSD that have not found relief in traditional approaches. Already present in 12 states, this funding will support continued expansion into 50 states and additional hiring in order to provide expert clinical providers and psychedelic guides.

Mark Holland, co-founder and CEO of Choose Ketamine noted: “Our team is incredibly passionate about delivering positive outcomes to patients who can benefit from our services – it’s truly fulfilling work.”

Charbel Zreik, Founder and Managing Principal of Manifestations Capital commented: “We’re delighted to partner up with these talented entrepreneurs and be part of their mission to revolutionize mental health care.”

The team at Choose Ketamine is dedicated to optimizing patient outcomes through effective ketamine protocols. In addition to oral ketamine assisted therapy experiences, they are exploring additional therapeutic modalities such as sound and light therapies that may contribute toward reinforcing patient wellbeing. With this financing round complete, they are now able to take steps towards making these treatments available across the country on their technology platform.

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