Revitalist Partners with Wake Network To Offer Psychedelics for Veterans Upon 300% Month over Month Growth

Revitalist Partners with Wake Network To Offer Psychedelics for Veterans Upon 300 Month over Month Growth

Revitalist Lifestyle and Wellness LTD. (CSE: CALM) (OTCQB: RVLWF) (FSE: 4DO) recently announced a new joint venture partnership with Wake Network, Inc. to establish the world’s first international center of excellence with a special focus on Veteran’s ethical need for access to psychedelics offering ketamine infusions in the United States along with international psilocybin clinical retreats.

The news of the recent relationship with Wake Network comes just days after Revitalist announced achieving 300% month-over-month growth in serving veterans with psychedelics in the United States through coverage with the VA (United States Department of Veterans Affairs).

About Wake Network

Wake Network, Inc. is a natural psychedelic-based company that’s vertically integrated and focused on advancing the field of psychedelics in fungi-based and psilocybin therapeutics to address mental health support in medicine and society as a whole.

Wake is currently engaged in pharmaceutical-grade research to provide quality access to all through proprietary genomic and biomarker methods, which are producing fungus-derived psilocybin and medicinal mushroom products.

About Revitalist Lifestyle and Wellness Ltd.

Revitalist Lifestyle and Wellness is one of the largest publicly listed ketamine-focused clinic companies in the United States. Each clinic features psychedelic treatment, vitamin infusions, and other lifestyle improvement treatments provided by doctors and psychologists.

Revitalist has given thousands of ketamine infusions through its network of 9 clinics in six states since it opened its first clinic in 2018. As a specialist behavioral and medical provider, the company’s founder and CEO, Kathryn Walker, works as a lead provider in the psychedelic field as an expert.

The company recently expanded its coverage to better serve mental health and wellness for veterans with financial assistance from the Veterans Health Administration (VHA).

CEO Kathryn Walker stated that with Revitalist’s current contract with the VA the company plans to work with community partners to open more than 100 locations across the nation specifically focusing on Veterans, giving Revitalise access to the VHA budget of over 80 billion dollars.

More than 18 million surviving veterans reside in the United States, with 9 million of them being Veteran Health Administration registrants. Only 4.5 million Veterans utilize their benefits, allowing Revitalist to reach 13.5 million Veterans who are at risk of suicide through preventative services covered by the VA.

Research has indicated that psilocybin and ketamine can improve depression, PTSD, suicidality, anxiety, and other conditions for United States veterans. Approximately 5 million deaths worldwide are attributable to mood and anxiety disorders each year according to a National Institutes of Health meta-analysis.

Revitalist & Wake Network UNIT Retreat

The UNIT Retreat is an eight-day retreat that takes place at the Veteran’s Healing Farm in North Carolina, followed by a five-day psilocybin retreat in Jamaica. The inaugural event takes place October 10-17 to provide follow-up retreats each month.

The retreat has been created to provide quality care promptly with the necessary education tools, research initiatives, and psychedelic medicines to provide ethical access to those in medical need.

Kathryn Walker CEO of Revitalist believes that the ability to offer multiple psychedelic options to the company’s clients will allow them to continue expanding our operations while maintaining a focus on providing ethical access to timely care.

Wake CEO Nick Murray expanded on the partnership stating, “Partnering with the wonderful team at Revitalist delivers on our commitment to furthering care and research to the mental wellness community internationally, through personalized psychedelic treatments.”

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