Biomind Labs Complete Phase II Dosing of DMT-Based BMND01 for Treatment-Resistant Depression

Biomind Labs Complete Phase II Dosing of DMT-Based BMND01 for Treatment-Resistant Depression

Leading psychedelic biotech company Biomind Labs Inc. (NEO: BMND) (OTC: BMNDF) (FSE: 3XI) has announced the completion of dose administration to 30 healthy subjects with Treatment-Resistant Depression in the Phase II clinical trial for novel drug candidate BMND01.

Biomind Labs are focused on developing the next generation of pharmaceuticals to treat patients suffering from neurological and psychiatric disorders by scientifically harnessing the medicinal power of psychedelic molecules. The goal of Biomind Labs is to use medical breakthroughs to create new nanotech delivery systems that can adequately address a range of psychiatric and neurological issues.

Biomind Laboratories is using its acceleration platform to develop novel pharmaceutical formulations of the key psychedelic compounds N, N-dimethyltryptamine (“DMT“), 5-MeO-DMT, and mescaline for a variety of therapeutic applications. Biomind Labs’ mission is to provide patients with access to cost-effective and contemporary therapies.

According to Biomind Labs, 10-30% of persons with depression have treatment-resistant symptoms, as well as difficulties in social and occupational functioning, a deterioration of physical health, poor quality of life, suicide ideation and attempts, self-injurious behavior, high relapse rate, and increased health care utilization.

The objectives of the trial are to establish the safety and tolerability of DMT. In addition to evaluating side effects, this trial will also allow Biomind to explore the origin of the observed side effects, given that different associated physiological, behavioral, and cognitive markers will be collected before, during, and after the trial.

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Biomind Labs CEO Alejandro Antalich Feedback on Clinical Trial Milestone

“The results of this first part of the world’s first clinical trial to test an inhaled formulation of DMT are expected to be ready in October 2022. The trial is designed with a fixed ascending two dose, concentration-response study, allowing DMT to be rapidly delivered directly into the systemic circulation in approximately 10 minutes, bypassing the first-pass metabolism, which is recognized as a major problem for some routes of DMT administration,” said Alejandro Antalich, CEO of Biomind Labs.

He further expanded on the unique potential of BMND01 stating, “The significant reduction in experience duration provides greater practical applicability to potentially deliver the psychedelic treatment in a supervised real-world clinical setting.”

Stay tuned to Psychedelic Chronicle as we keep an eye out for the results in October from Biomind Labs.


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