Biomind Labs Hire Former FDA Director To Oversee Psychedelic Drug Development Clinical Trials

Biomind Labs Hire Former FDA Director To Oversee Psychedelic Drug Development Clinical Trials

World-class psychedelic biotech firm Biomind Labs Inc. (NEO: BMND) (OTC: BMNDF) (FSE: 3XI) announced that Former FDA Director Dr. Thomas Laughren has joined the company in a new role as Medical Advisor for Clinical Trials.

The company which focuses on developing next-generation pharmaceuticals utilizes the medicinal power of psychedelic molecules in developing treatment for patients with psychiatric and neurological disorders.

About Dr. Thomas Laughren – Biomind Labs Medical Advisor for Clinical Trials

Dr. Thomas Laughren joins Biomind Labs as the former Director for the Division of Psychiatry Products at the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In his previous role, Dr. Laughren oversaw the review of psychiatric drug development activities conducted under Investigational New Drugs and the review of New Drug Applications and supplements for new psychiatric drug claims.

Dr. Laughren has written and co-written several papers and book chapters on pharmaceutical development issues, as well as delivering numerous lectures at professional gatherings on such topics. Dr. Laughren has received a number of honors for his regulatory accomplishments.

About Biomind Labs Inc.

Biomind Laboratories is a biotech research and development firm that aims to convert medical science knowledge into new pharmaceuticals and nanotechnology delivery systems for several psychiatric and neurological illnesses.

Biomind Labs is developing new pharmaceutical formulations of the main psychedelic molecules, N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (“DMT”), 5-MeO-DMT, and mescaline.

Biomind Labs is a company dedicated to providing patients with access to cost-effective and cutting-edge therapies. CEO and Director of Biomind Labs Alejandro Antalich believes that the addition of the former FDA psychiatry drugs director will provide guidance for the organization as they navigate the complex regulatory pathway of the FDA itself.

The CEO stated that Biomind Labs has current plans of entering the registration process for the company’s novel drug candidates with the FDA in the United States and with the European Medicines Agency (the “EMA”) in Europe.

He added that Biomind Labs continues to work on the development of novel formulations and drug delivery systems based on psychedelic molecules (two tryptamines: DMT and 5-MeO-DMT), and one phenethylamine (mescaline).

Biomind Labs Current Development Status

As of publication, Biomind Labs has submitted 20 patent applications to protect the company’s current innovations. They believe this level puts them among the most diversified portfolios in the emerging psychedelics industry.

The company has target indications within multi-billion dollar global markets such as the areas of depression and Alzheimer’s disease. The company’s novel approach based on an intervention model aims to disrupt the traditional psychiatric treatments.

Biomind Labs is working to improve the organization’s controls along with overall research and development chemistry and manufacturing through the expansion of the clinical pipeline.

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